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''Excellent, friendly service. April is kind and gentle working with your dog to make sure they are at there best. She takes time to get to know your fury baby and makes sure they feel at easy.

The difference in Tillie is off the chart, she couldn’t stand after walks due to hip dysphasia pain. 9 weeks with April and she is happy health 11 year old GSP, who is running around like she doesn’t have a care in the world.

We love April, our special poky lady, with laser beams. I can’t thank her enough for making Tillie feel so much stronger and helping the pain reduce''

tillie 2.jpg
emy ice pack.PNG

''April is great at what she does she make Emy and myself feel at ease and is a great sounding bored for any problems we have, and we have a few!

To also know she is at the end of a phone call is a source of comfort as well, as I recently found out!

Her flexibly to treat at hydro or at home is great to.
Thanks for all your hard work April we wouldn’t be where we are today without you help and guidance! Clare and Em x''

''April has been undertake physio on my dog Lucy for nearly a year after she suffered a stroke. Lucy was unable to walk initially however I have see major physical improvements since April has been treating her and I intend to continue with her support. April is extremely professional, sincere and it is apparent to me that she really does care! Thanks April for your support!''

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